So you thought this was WLSU?

Hey World! first of all apologies if you found this page and were expecting the website of the West London Students Union. They don’t have the web address anymore, it has been bought by me. I don’t know why they didn’t want it, maybe they have got a new website somewhere which is better than this one. Or maybe they just didn’t pay the guy who did their website so he didn’t renew it. I really have no idea, but anyway, I am the owner of this site now, yeaaah, power to the people. WLSU didn’t deserve it anyway, after all what did they ever do for us?

So with that out of the way i’d like to let you know about my plans for the site. Pay attention here cos this is gonna be exciting. I mean really exciting. I mean wet your pants kind of exciting so go get a change of knickers ready before reading any further.

What does Hulk Hogan have to do with this? Nothing, move right along.
What does Hulk Hogan have to do with this? Nothing, move right along.

Please tell me I hear you saying. Yes OK I’ll tell you. So what I’m gonna be doing here is basically posting all kinds of fun and interesting stuff aimed specifically at students. Yes you read that right. Aimed specifically at students! That means you. You are a student right? I mean if not why would you even be looking at a student union website?

So yeah this is gonna be one wild ride. Talking of wild things (and weird) a friend of mine recently got a hair transplant. He doesn’t have a lot of money (he’s a student) so he went to this guy called dr griffiths who’s a hair transplant surgeon in Spain. Well as you can imagine I was sceptical at first but after I did some research I found out that this dr griffiths guy is actually the best hair transplant surgeon in Spain. Yeah some magazine even did an article on him which you can even read for yourself if you can read Spanish – mejor cirujano de trasplante capilar de España

So anyway I thought this was gonna be a disaster for my friend at first. I thought he was gonna come back looking like some kind of circus freak with an OBVIOUS and stupid looking hair transplant. Boy was I wrong cos much to my surprise the result was actually pretty amazing, i couldn’t even tell any difference between the transplanted hairs and his natural hairs.

Really i’m happy for him because, just between you and me he’s not the best looking guy and then with losing his hair on top I felt bad for him. Not anymore though cos now I’m the one who looks stupid and he has a great head of hair again. So yeah, if you’re becoming follicularly challenged then check out this Dr Griffiths guy. My friend told me that prices in Spain are much lower for this type of surgery.

Yeah so enough about hair dudes, I just threw that little story in as an interesting aside. But what i really want to talk about is how amazing this site is going to be. Here’s an amusing image to prove it – funny dog

Ok later dudes, please check back to this page regularly and you’re gonna be happy you did. If not please make a formal written complaint to the dudes at the West London Student’s Union. That’ll teach them to sell their web page to total strangers!

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